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About the DEO Clinic

In 2004, Dr. Rod Rodriguez and Rev. Hendree Harrison, Jr. of St. Mark's Episcopal Church recognized the need for medical care among people experiencing homelessness in Whitfield County.  In October 2005, the DEO Clinic opened its doors for the first time in a borrowed space under the bridge.  In those early days, a few passionate volunteers provided acute care, personal hygiene supplies and donated clothing one night each week. In the fall of 2012 DEO officially became an independent non-profit and soon moved to a facility on Central Ave. 

For 15 years, The DEO Clinic has experienced tremendous growth in every aspect - currently being open 37 hours per week and operating inside the Mack Gaston Community Center.  DEO has also become a primary health provider where the high cost of healthcare excludes so many people.  The clinic offers consistent care, follow up visits and help locating affordable medications, serving more than 1000 adult patients from Whitfield and Murray County each year.   Of these patients, 80% have chronic health conditions such as diabetes, heart disease or COPD.  

As a local response to healthcare issues, DEO relies on 70+  volunteers and the generosity of donors LIKE YOU who care for their neighbors.   Operating with the belief that every person has value and deserves the opportunity for better health, DEO can transform your donations into health for a stranger.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”


― Margaret Mead

Meet the Staff

Dr. Rod Rodriguez - Founder & Medical Director
Director Photo.jpeg
Heather, Executive Director
Deloris, NP-C
martha phone card 082.JPG
Becky, RN
Dee, RN
Laura, Appointment Coordinator
Ana, Reception
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